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Decision : CONF 204 IV.B.18
Iguacu National Park (Brazil)

The Bureau noted that an alarming situation has recently developed in this Park which required urgent attention. A local organization is campaigning for the reopening of an 18 km road which was closed in 1986 to strengthen protection of the site. In early May, 800 people invaded the Park and set up camp to begin unauthorized work to re-open the road. The responsible conservation authorities have been unable to resist political pressures associated with this development and have not acted to contain the damage.

The Bureau requested the Centre to urgently contact Brazilian authorities to encourage them to re-establish control over the section of the Park to close the road and to rehabilitate the damaged areas within the Park. The Bureau observed the fact that Iguacu (Brazil) and Iguazu (Argentina) National Parks continue to remain as two separate World Heritage sites, despite the prevailing opportunity to link them into a single transborder World Heritage area for purposes of the World Heritage List.

Context of Decision
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Brazil
Properties: Iguaçu National Park
Year: 1997
Decision Code: CONF 204 IV.B.18