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Decision : CONF 015 I.3

Observers from 18 States Parties to the Convention not members of the Committee, namely Afghanistan, Algeria, Canada, Central African Republic, Chile, Cuba, Haiti, Honduras, India, Iran, Mauri- tania, Morocco, Niger, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka and Syrian Arab Republic also participated in the session, as well as observers from two intergovernmental organizations, the Arab Educational, Cul- tural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) and the Council of Europe, and three international non-governmental organizations, the Interna- tional Council of Museums (ICOM), the International Union of Archi- tects (IUA) and the Organization for Museums, Monuments and Sites of Africa (OMMSA). Nine States not Parties to the Convention demonstrat- ed their interest in the implementation of the Convention by sending representatives to follow the work of the Committee. The full list of participants will be found in Annex I to this report.

 Decisions Report
Year: 1982
Decision Code: CONF 015 I.3