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Committee Decisions

CONF 015 I.3

Observers from 18 States Parties to the Convention not members of the Committee, namely Afghanistan, Algeria, Canada, Central African Republic, Chile, Cuba, Haiti, Honduras, India, Iran, Mauri- tania, Morocco, Niger, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka and Syrian Arab Republic also participated in the session, as well as observers from two intergovernmental organizations, the Arab Educational, Cul- tural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) and the Council of Europe, and three international non-governmental organizations, the Interna- tional Council of Museums (ICOM), the International Union of Archi- tects (IUA) and the Organization for Museums, Monuments and Sites of Africa (OMMSA). Nine States not Parties to the Convention demonstrat- ed their interest in the implementation of the Convention by sending representatives to follow the work of the Committee. The full list of participants will be found in Annex I to this report.

Session: 06COM
Year: 1982