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Committee Decisions

CONF 016

Annex II : Agenda

  1. Opening of the session.
  2. Adoption of the agenda.
  3. Election of the Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and Rapporteur.
  4. Nominations to the World Heritage List.
  5. Technical co-operation requests.
  6. Protection of the World Heritage Emblem and of the name of the World Heritage Fund.
  7. Revised text of the "Operational Guidelines for the implementation of the World Heritage Convention".
  8. Measures to be taken to improve the balance between the cultural and the natural heritage in the implementation of the Convention.
  9. Public information activities.
  10. Consideration of Statement of accounts of the World Heritage Fund and adoption of a budget for 1981.
  11. Consideration of the Report of the Rapporteur on the fourth session of the Bureau.
  12. Other business.
  13. Closure of the session.
Session: 04COM