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Decision : 29 COM 8B.27
Nominations of Cultural Properties to the World Heritage List (Azougui, Oasis and Almoravid Capital)

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having examined Documents WHC-05/29.COM/8B, WHC-05/29.COM/8B.Add 2 and WHC-05/29.COM/INF.8B.1,

2. Defers the examination of the nomination of Azougui, Oasis and Almoravid Capital (Mauritania) to the World Heritage List on the basis of cultural values to allow the State Party to:

a) submit again a substantially revised nomination in order to make it part of a wider nomination; and

b) provide further detailed information on:

c) the justification of the outstanding universal study of the property;

d) the existence of a detailed and complete management plan;

e) a wider comparative study of the property; and

f) date palm cultivation and the development of the Almoravid State.

3. Invites the State Party of Mauritania, for the purposes of paragraph 2, to request the international assistance of the World Heritage Fund.

Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
Focal Point: ARB
States Parties: Mauritania
Year: 2005
Decision Code: 29 COM 8B.27