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Decision : CONF 008 XIII.C
SOC: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (Australia)

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia: In reply to the Bureau's request for further information on the impacts of the construction of a road on the fringing reef adjacent to Cape Tribulation National Park, the Australian authorities had provided a comprehensive report which outlined a 3 year scientific research programme costing approximately 1 million $ to determine any short or possible long-term damage these reefs. The Committee expressed its satisfaction with this programme although it noted the comment by the IUCN representative that 3 years would be necessary before any conclusions could be reached. The representative of Australia indicated that it would inform the Committee at regular intervals on the progress and the results of this research programme.


 Decisions Report
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Australia
Properties: Great Barrier Reef
Year: 1985
Decision Code: CONF 008 XIII.C