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Decision : CONF 003 XIV.49-52
Ways of Ensuring a Better Turnover in the Membership of the World Heritage Committee

49. The Committee noted the report on the discussion of this item at the Bureau meeting, at which no consensus had been reached, with some members holding that there should be no limit placed on the number of terms of office of members of the Committee, while others were of the opinion that there were good grounds to change the present system (document CC-86/CONF.003/9).

50. One member suggested that the Committee consider recommending to all States Parties at the next General Assembly that the Assembly adopt a procedure whereby, prior to the election of States to the Committee, the Chairman of the General Assembly would, in the interest of equi­table rotation, call on all those States completing their term of office on the Committee to consider waiting two years before standing for re-election for a further six year term.

51. Although aware of the need for rotation in the membership of the Committee, other members considered that it was not proper for the Committee to make a recommendation on this question to the General Assembly, since States could not be prevented from submitting their candidature in accordance with established electoral procedures. As there was no clear consensus on this matter, the Committee decided not to make any recommendation to the General Assembly.

52. The Committee fully recognized the need to ensure an equitable representation of the different regions and cultures o f the world in the composition of the Committee, as stipulated in Article 8 (2) of the Convention.


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Context of Decision
Themes: Working methods and tools, World Heritage Convention
Year: 1986
Decision Code: CONF 003 XIV.49-52