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Decision : CONF 003 VIII
Inscription: Iguaçu National Park (Brazil)

Iguaçu National Park




In response to the Secretariat's request for advice on the future listing of this property, the delegation of Brazil indicated its wish to list this property independently, as proposed by Brazil, without any link to the concept of transfrontier site or any other similar concept in force or that might be accepted in the deliberations of the Committee. The Delegation of Brazil also mentioned that Brazilian legislation did not allow for any commitment regarding joint management of national parks. The World Heritage Committee, although it took note of IUCN's position regarding the technical desirability of listing this as one property along with the Iguazu National Park o f Argentina, preferred to list this as a separate pro­perty as the Iguaçu National Park of Brazil on the World Heritage List. The Committee endorsed the concerns of Brazil in maintaining its wish to list this property separately in the World Heritage List and welcomed the willingness of Brazil to cooperate with Argentina in the conservation and preservation of the two national parks within their respective territories. The delegate from Brazil informed the World Heritage Committee that the road which passed through the wilderness zone of this National Park, brought to the notice of the Committee by IUCN, had been closed.


 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Brazil
Properties: Iguaçu National Park
Year: 1986
Decision Code: CONF 003 VIII