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Decision : CONF 005 XV.42-43
Representation on the World Heritage Committee

42. The representative of Algeria noted that the present composition of the World Heritage Committee was somewhat imbalanced in terms of geographical representation, with a particular lack of representation of African States Parties. This meant that there was a resulting imbalance in the representation of cultural regions. The Algerian representative suggested that the Bureau and the Committee should re-examine the voting procedure for the General Assembly of States Parties.

43. The Committee agreed that there was a need to ensure an equitable representation of the different regions and cultures of the world, as is stated in Article 8, paragraph 1 of the Convention. It requested the Secretariat to present the Bureau and the Committee with proposals which would respond to this need and which could eventually be adopted by the 7th General Assembly of States Parties in 1989.


 Decisions Report
Themes: Administration, Credibility of the World Heritage List, Working methods and tools, Operational Guidelines, World Heritage Convention
Year: 1987
Decision Code: CONF 005 XV.42-43