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Decision : CONF 002 XV.1-3
Other Business

XV.1 The Committee took note of the proposal from Canada to provide to the World Heritage Fund in accordance with the provisions of Article 15, paragaph 4 of the Convention, a sum of C.$200,000 (Canadian dollars) for 1993-1994 for specific projects identified by the Canadian Government. The Committee thanked and congratulated the Canadian Government for taking this initiative. The Committee was informed by the Canadian Observer that under the proposed scheme the Canadian Government would request the Committee to advance funds for specific projects and would reimburse the cost incurred by the World Heritage Fund for implementing the projects.

XV.2 The Committee, however, requested the Centre to study the Canadian proposal in detail, particularly the implications linked to receiving funds from a States Party to implement projects identified by that Party and submit a report to the seventeenth session of the Bureau.

XV.3 As a first step, the Committee approved a contribution of US$ 30,000 towards the organization of a meeting to harmonize tentative lists of heritage-canals from all parts of the world.


 Decisions Report
Themes: Budget, Tentative Lists
Year: 1992
Decision Code: CONF 002 XV.1-3