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Decision : CONF 002 XIII.2-3
Requests for International Assistance: Overview of Reports on International Assistance

XIII.2 After having reviewed the requests for technical cooperation, several delegates recalled that the Committee, during its sixteenth session, signaled the need for a systematic evaluation of World Heritage activities.

In this context the Delegate of Germany proposed that biennial reports be prepared by the Centre and presented to the Committee on the implementation of international assistance provided by the World Heritage Fund. The Delegate pointed out that this information was crucial for the evaluation of successive requests for the same site or project, also in view of the fact that World Heritage funding was increasingly only part of more complex funding mechanisms. The Delegate of Germany proposed that the first report would cover the period 1990-1994 and be presented, after discussion in the Bureau, to the Committee at its next session.

XIII.3 The Director of the Centre proposed to give a first overview of the available reports on international assistance provided by the States Parties at the next Bureau meeting and to decide on the procedure of reporting on the basis of this overview. The Committee adopted this amendment.


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Themes: International Assistance, Reports
Year: 1993
Decision Code: CONF 002 XIII.2-3