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Decision : CONF 002 XI
Inscription: Tongariro National Park (New Zealand)

Tongariro National Park


New Zealand

C(vi) N (ii) (iii)

The Committee recalled that this site was originally submitted as a mixed site. However, it was inscribed in 1990 under natural criteria (ii) and (iii) only. At the same time as the Committee revised the criteria for cultural heritage, it requested the New Zealand authorities to resubmit the nomination as a mixed site. The seventeenth extraordinary session of the Bureau reviewed the revised nomination and referred it to the Committee. ICOMOS informed the Committee of a mission to the site in late November 1993. The Committee discussed the matter in detail both from a procedural point of view as well as in regard to the application of criterion (vi). The Committee decided that the stipulation in the Operational Guidelines that criterion (vi) be only applied "in exceptional circumstances or in conjunction with other criteria" refers to either natural or cultural criteria. After careful consideration, the Committee decided to inscribe Tongariro National Park also under cultural criterion (vi).


Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: New Zealand
Year: 1993
Decision Code: CONF 002 XI