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Decision : CONF 003 XV.19
Promotional Activities, Including Adoption of a Plan for Marketing and Fund-Raising

XV. 19 The question of the logo was further touched upon in Work Group 1, which prepared recommendations to the Committee concerning the World Heritage Fund, the 1995 Budget and the future development of the World Heritage Centre. When dealing with budget line 7 (Promotion and Education) of Annex V, doc. WHC-94/CONF.003/10 and the annex to doc. WHC-94/CONF.003/11, the Work Group decided to delete US $ 50.000 foreseen for the protection of the World Heritage Logo, and to reallocate these funds under other budget lines. The Committee endorsed this by accepting the overall 1995 budget proposal, as submitted by Work Group 1.


Themes: Budget, Communication
Year: 1994
Decision Code: CONF 003 XV.19