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Decision : CONF 003 XI.1-4
Information on Tentative Lists and Examination of Nominations to the World Heritage List and the World Heritage List in Danger: Overview

XI.1 The Secretariat informed the Committee that all cultural properties nominated for inscription were included in the tentative lists of the respective countries. The Committee took note of information document WHC-94/CONF.003/INF.7 in respect to tentative lists.


XI.2 The Committee inscribed eight properties on the World Heritage List, including two sites referred or deferred by the Committee in previous years. The Committee also approved extensions of two World Heritage sites and deferred one proposal for extension of a property. The Committee did not inscribe one nominated property.


XI.3 The Committee examined twenty-four nominations of cultural properties for inscription on the World Heritage List and three requests for extensions of already inscribed properties. The Committee decided to inscribe twenty-two of the nominated properties and approved the three extensions. Two properties did not, in the view of the Committee, meet the criteria for inscription on the World Heritage List.

XI.4 The Committee recalled that it decided at its seventeenth session in December 1993 that the inscription of Boukhara (Uzbekistan) (602rev) would only take effect if and when the tentative list of Uzbekistan is presented. The Secretariat informed the Committee that this tentative list, dated 10 October 1994, had been received. The Committee confirmed the inscription of Boukhara on the World Heritage List under criteria (ii), (iv) and (vi).


Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Uzbekistan
Year: 1994
Decision Code: CONF 003 XI.1-4