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SOC: Serra da Capivara (Brazil)

Serra da Capivara (Brazil)

The UNDP/UNESCO Regional Project presented a report on this complex site that contains 380 sites of historical interest and where the greatest threats come from fire and poaching. Tourism, although in the increase, had not had a negative impact on the site yet. A zoning plan was being introduced which defined the degree of access to five different types of area with various levels of access.

The monitoring mission recommended that:

- the zoning plan should be extended so as to cover the whole area of the park and that buffer zones be established to limit the threats form fires;

- barriers be constructed at the more accessible sites to prevent visitors from damaging them and that interpretation panels should also be installed.


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Context of Decision
PDF WHC-94/CONF.003/06
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Brazil
Session: 18COM