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Decision : CONF 203 XIII.C
Requests for International Assistance: Other Requests

While noting that the authority for approving international assistance requests under US$ 30,000 is delegated to the Bureau and those under US$ 20,000 to the Chairperson, the Committee also approved the following training requests discussed during the session:

C.1 Training (Cultural Heritage)

Master Programme in Heritage Conservation (Request submitted by Argentina) (US$ 20,000)
The Committee approved the requested amount of US$ 20,000 to finance the participation of six international experts in a series of six workshops to be organized in 1996 by the International Centre for Heritage Conservation in several locations in Argentina.

C.2 Training (general)
The Committee accepted the Secretariat's proposal to include the amount of US$ 20,000 to finalize the training strategy for cultural heritage in close cooperation with ICCROM to be presented to the committee at its 20th session. A sum of US$ 50,000 was also approved for the production of a video film on the World Heritage Convention for training purposes.


Themes: International Assistance
States Parties: Argentina
Year: 1995
Decision Code: CONF 203 XIII.C