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Decision : CONF 016 VII.21
Consideration of item 8 of the agenda: Measures to be taken to improve the balance between the cultural and the natural heritage in the implementation of the Convention

21. The Committee heard the report of the working group set up to examine measures to improve the balance between the cultural and the natural heritage in the implementation of the Convention and agreed with the recommendations set out below:

1) Preparatory assistance to States Parties should be granted on a priority basis for:

(i) the establishment of tentative lists of cultural and natural properties situated in their territories and suitable for inclusion in the World Heritage List;

(ii) the preparation of nominations of types of properties underrepresented in the World Heritage List.

2) States Parties to the Convention should provide the Secretariat with the name and address of the governmental organization(s) primarily responsible for cultural and natural properties so that copies of all official correspondence and documents can be sent by the Secretariat to these focal points as appropriate. All States Parties to the Convention as of 5 September 1980 are asked to provide this information to the Secretariat by 31st December 1980. New States Parties are requested to do so as soon as possible after the deposit of their instrument of ratification acceptance or accession.

3) States Parties to the Convention should convene at regular intervals at the national level a joint meeting of those persons responsible for natural and cultural heritage in order that they may discuss matters pertaining to the implementation of the Convention. This does not apply to States Parties where one single organization is dealing with both cultural and natural heritage.

4) The Committee, deeply concerned with maintaining a balance in the number of experts from the natural and cultural fields represented on the Bureau urges that every effort be made in future elections in order to ensure that :

(i) the chair is not held by persons with expertise in the same field, either cultural or natural, for more than two succeeding years ;

(ii) at least two "cultural" and at least two "natural" experts are present at Bureau meetings to ensure balance and credibility in reviewing nominations to the World Heritage List.

5) States Parties to the Convention should choose as their representatives persons qualified in the field of natural and cultural heritage thus complying with Article 9, paragraph 3 of the Convention.

 Decisions Report
Themes: Credibility of the World Heritage List, Inscriptions on the World Heritage List, International Assistance
Year: 1980
Decision Code: CONF 016 VII.21