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Decision : CONF 203 VIII.A.2
Natural Property not Inscribed

Property: The Ravines of the Slovak Paradis and Dobsinska Ice Cave

Id. N°: 858

State Party: Slovakia

The Committee recalled that the Bureau at its twenty-second session decided to refer the nomination back to the State Party asking the Slovak authorities to consider incorporating the Dobsinska Ice Cave portion into the nearby World Heritage site of the Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst. The Committee was informed that the State Party indicated a number of options including as a possible addition to the cultural World Heritage site of "Spissky Castle with its surroundings".

The Committee noted that the natural values of the Ravines of the Slovak Paradis and the Dobsinska Ice Cave are considered to be of national and regional significance. The current nomination thus does not meet natural World Heritage criteria. The Committee did not inscribe the site on the World Heritage List.

The Delegate of Hungary said he was not fully satisfied with the recommendation of the Bureau not to inscribe the site, since he was aware that the Dobsinska Ice Cave could be considered in its own right. He noted that the scientific importance of the Ice Cave which was more significant at this site than anywhere else in the world. Therefore Hungary supported reconsideration of this matter and a possible inscription of this part of the site at a later stage.

The Observer of the Slovak Republic stated that his Government has reconsidered previous statements made and accepts the recommendations made by the Bureau and IUCN. He asked if the Committee could consider the options of a separate nomination of the Dobsinska Ice Cave or as a possible extension to the transborder site of the Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst. He informed the Committee that his Government withdraws the remaining portions of the Ravines and Slovak Paradise, which are intended to be considered in relation to a future mixed nomination, which will be prepared subsequently.

The Chairperson encouraged the State Party, the Centre and IUCN to co-operate in the preparation of a revised nomination which may be presented to the twenty-third session of the Committee and its Bureau.


 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Slovakia
Year: 1998
Decision Code: CONF 203 VIII.A.2