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Decision : CONF 209 XII.1-4
Evaluation of International Assistance: Examinations of the Recommendations

XII.1 The Chairperson introduced item 12 of the agenda concerning the evaluation of international assistance and gave the floor to the representative of the Central Evaluation Unit of UNESCO, who reported on the progress made in the evaluation process, and underlined the competence and independence of the consultants retained. He also insisted upon the training character of this evaluation exercise and the interest in retaining this as an organizational learning process. He finished by presenting a proposal to foresee a reserve of US$ 40,000 in the next budget to carry out impact studies in the field on a selected number of international assistance cases.

XII.2 During the debate, several delegates and members of the advisory bodies showed their interest in the on-going evaluation and referred to the management component of this exercise and expressed the wish that the impact studies would closely involve field specialists, certain of whom are members of the advisory bodies. ICCROM expressed its concern about the process and scope of the evaluation process. It stressed the difference between doing a study of "Efficiency and 39 Management" which can easily be done by management consultants, and that of "Effectiveness Impact" which may best be done by professionals that are epxerts in the areas to be examined. It expressed its hope that the Centre will take this into account in follow-up phases of the evaluation.

XII.3 The following decision was adopted:

The Committee took note of the progress made in the evaluation of international assistance and recommended that, in the framework of the examination of the budget of the World Heritage Fund, a reserve of US$ 40,000 be foreseen for the impact studies. This amount is dependent upon the approval of the terms of reference by the Bureau at its twenty-fourth session in June 2000.

XII.4 The Delegate of Thailand suggested that the work made by the External Auditor be taken into account and that duplication of work be avoided.


 Decisions Report
Themes: International Assistance
Year: 1999
Decision Code: CONF 209 XII.1-4