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Decision : CONF 209 VIII.B.1
Mount Wuyi (China)

Property: Mount Wuyi

Id. N°: 911

State Party: China

Criteria: N (iii) (iv) / C(iii) (vi)

The Committee decided to inscribe the site on the World Heritage List under natural criteria (iii) and (iv) and cultural criteria (iii) and (vi).

Natural criteria (iii) and (iv) : Mount Wuyi is one of the most outstanding subtropical forests in the world. It is the largest, most representative example of a largely intact forest encompassing the diversity of the Chinese Subtropical Forest and the South Chinese Rainforest. It acts as a refuge for a large number of ancient, relict plant species, many of them endemic to China and contains large numbers of reptile, amphibian and insect species. The riverine landscape of Nine-Bend Stream (lower gorge) is also of exceptional scenic quality in its juxtaposition of smooth rock cliffs with clear, deep water.

Cultural criteria (iii) and (vi) :

Criterion (iii): Mount Wuyi is a landscape of great beauty that has been protected for more than twelve centuries. It contains a series of exceptional archaeological sites, including the Han City established in the 1st century BC and a number of temples and study centres associated with the birth of Neo-Confucianism in the 11th century AD.

Criterion (vi): Mount Wuyi was the cradle of Neo- Confucianism, a doctrine that played a dominant role in the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Asia for many centuries and influenced philosophy and government over much of the world.

 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: China
Properties: Mount Wuyi
Year: 1999
Decision Code: CONF 209 VIII.B.1