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Decision : CONF 208 XIV.6-9
International World Heritage Education Workshop

XIV.6 An International World Heritage Education Workshop, was held concurrently with the twenty-fifth session of the World Heritage Committee and hosted by the Finnish National Commission for UNESCO and the National Board of Education of Finland. The Workshop brought together sixteen participants (students, teachers and advisors) who were involved in major World Heritage Education events in 2001 as well as those preparing upcoming events in early 2002. The main objectives were to:

  • Present recent World Heritage Education achievements and the results of the external World Heritage Education evaluation;
  • Develop proposals for the integration of the World Heritage Education Kit in school curricula;
  • Propose the future orientation for the World Heritage Education Project;
  • Formulate recommendations for the 30th Anniversary of the World Heritage Convention.

XIV.7 On the occasion of the Workshop, the Finnish version of the World Heritage Educational Resource Kit for Teachers "World Heritage in Young Hands", was launched.

XIV.8 One of the main results of the Workshop was the presentation made by four young people to the Committee on 15 December 2001 on:

  1. The First World Heritage Youth Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean, Lima, Peru, whose main output was the Lima Declaration;
  2. The World Heritage Marine Environmental Education Programme for Disadvantaged Youth, Belize;
  3. The Third European Course in Restoration for Youth, Røros, Norway; and
  4. The 10th International Youth Forum on World Heritage Education, Karlskrona, Sweden, where the participants developed the Karlskrona Recommendations.

XIV.9 During the presentation, the young people highlighted proposed activities for the 30th Anniversary of the World Heritage Convention and for the enhancement and strengthening of the World Heritage Education Project. The presentations are attached to this report as Annex XI.


 Decisions Report
Themes: Communication
Year: 2001
Decision Code: CONF 208 XIV.6-9