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Decision : CONF 208 XIV.1-5
Awareness-Building and Education Activities

XIV.1 The Chairperson then introduced Agenda item XIV concerning Awareness Building and Education Activities and, due to lack of time, asked the Committee to accept reviewing the work plan of activities proposed in document WHC-01/CONF.208/17 without hearing the Secretariat's presentation on this item.

XIV.2 The delegates demonstrated their support for the communication strategy in developing awareness activities and reiterated their unyielding support to activities such as the World Heritage Education project for Young People. It was suggested that activities in this programme also include awareness-raising with regard to wilful destruction of heritage. The importance of involving universities in research and training was also stressed.

XIV.3 Questions were raised concerning specific activities proposed in the work plan, notably on the World Heritage Review and the new series of World Heritage Papers being proposed and underlined the need to ensure better co-ordination of these activities with other partners, including the Advisory Bodies, in order to strengthen the impact of these projects and avoid any duplication of efforts. The issue of quality control was also raised and the Centre was invited to consult with States Parties concerned before information materials are produced and used in promotional contexts, particularly with regard to the public service announcements under preparation.

XIV.4 The Committee debated on the proposed World Heritage Visual Identity and the need to examine this document more closely as similar initiatives may have already been undertaken at local and national levels and new information may be derived from existing experiences. The need to keep this new tool as flexible as possible and to take other visual identities designed by local management authorities into consideration was also emphasized. The design of the new World Heritage signature, illustrated in the draft Visual Identity manual, was considered positively, provided that a certain measure of flexibility be given to management and national authorities for the choice of language versions attached to this Signature as stipulated in the Guidelines and Principles for the use of the World Heritage Emblem contained in the Operational Guidelines. It was suggested that the current draft manual on the proposed World Heritage Visual Identity could be circulated to the members of the Committee for comments and that a new draft should be prepared for examination at the next session of the Bureau in April 2002. This proposal was approved by the Committee.

XIV.5 Following the comments made by delegates on this item, the Committee decided to approve the proposed work plan of Awareness-Building and Education activities. In addition, the Committee requested the Centre to study the process for ensuring the legal protection of the World Heritage Emblem and report on its findings during the next session of the Bureau.

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Themes: Communication
Year: 2001
Decision Code: CONF 208 XIV.1-5