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Decision : CONF 208 X.A
Villa d'Este, Tivoli (Italy)

Property: Villa d'Este, Tivoli

Id. N°: 1025

State Party: Italy

Criteria: C (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)(vi)

The Committee inscribed the Villa d'Este, Tivoli on the World Heritage List under criteria (i), (ii), (iii),(iv) and (vi):

Criterion (i): The Villa d'Este is one of the most outstanding examples of Renaissance culture at its apogee.

Criterion (ii): The gardens of the Villa d'Este had a profound influence on the development of garden design throughout Europe.

Criterion (iii): The principles of Renaissance design and aesthetics are illustrated in an exceptional manner by the gardens of the Villa d'Este.

Criterion (iv): The gardens of the Villa d'Este are among the earliest and finest of the giardini delle meraviglie and symbolize the flowering of Renaissance culture.

Criterion (vi): The Villa d'Este, with its palace and garden, bears exceptional testimony to the Italian Renaissance and has been a source of artistic inspiration ever since its creation.


 Decisions Report
Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Italy
Properties: Villa d'Este, Tivoli
Year: 2001
Decision Code: CONF 208 X.A