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Decision : CONF 010 VII.35
Study of Terms and Conditions of Preparatory Assistance

After examining the budgetary situation of the World Heritage Fund (see document CC-78/CONF.010/INF.2) and discussing in depth appro- priate use of the Fund, the Committee decided to authorize the Chairman to grant, in consultation with the Director General of UNESCO, preparatory assistance to States Parties up to a total amount of US $140,000 (as shown in document CC-78/CONF.010/8) with a budgetary ceiling of US $15,000 per project. The Committee agreed with the proposal mentioned in paragraph 33 as put forward by the Secretariat and consequently decided that this preparatory assistance could, in exceptional cases, take the form of financial assistance.

Themes: Budget, Administration, International Assistance
Year: 1978
Decision Code: CONF 010 VII.35