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Decision : 32 COM 8B.24
Examination of nomination of natural, mixed and cultural proprerties to the World Heritage List - Hiraizumi - Cultural Landscape Associated with Pure Land Buddhist Cosmology (JAPAN)

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having examined Documents WHC-08/32.COM/8B and WHC-08/32.COM/INF.8B1,

2. Defers the examination of the nomination of Hiraizumi - Cultural Landscape Associated with Pure Land Buddhist Cosmology, Japan, to the World Heritage List in order to allow the State Party to:
a) provide further comparative analysis, particularly for the gardens, including comparators in China and Korea;
b) consider revising the boundary of the nominated property to include the elements of the landscape value;

3. Recommends that any further nomination would need to be accompanied by a fully functioning management plan and an adequate suite of indicators, including those to monitor visual connections and knowledge of associations with the property;

4. Considers that any revised nomination with revised boundaries, would need to be considered by a mission to the site.

5. Recommends that the World Heritage Centre assist by all means possible the State Party in the revision of the nominated property.

Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Japan
Year: 2008
Decision Code: 32 COM 8B.24