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The first General Assembly of States Parties to the Convention concerning the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage (1972) met in Nairobi on 26 November 1976. Of the twenty-six States Parties to the Convention at the date of 26 November 1976 and thus having the right to vote, the following States were represented: Algeria Australia Bulgaria Canada Ecuador Egypt France Federal Republic of Germany Ghana Iran Iraq Jordan Morocco Niger Nigeria Pakistan Poland Senegal Sudan Switzerland Syrian Arab Republic Tunisia United States of ...
Session: 1st session of the General Assembly of States Parties (CONF 014)
Year: 1976
7. The General Assembly held two meetings devoted to the election of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of the Cultural and Natural Heritage of Outstanding Universal Value, called the World Heritage Committee and to different questions relating to the establishment of the World Heritage Fund.8. Nineteen States Parties were candidates to the World Heritage Committee : Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Nigeria, Poland, Senegal, Sudan, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, United States of America,. and Yugoslavia.9. After explaining ...
Session: 1st session of the General Assembly of States Parties (CONF 014)
Year: 1976
19. In introducing the information document concerning the World Heritage Fund, the representative of the Director General explained that the draft financial regulations set out in Annex I of the document, were communicated to the General Assembly to enable the Director General to take into consideration any comments made by the Assembly before he reported thereon to the Executive Board, in conformity with Article 6.7 of the Financial Regulations of the Organization.20. With respect to the amount of the compulsory or voluntary contributions that States Parties will make to the World ...
Session: 1st session of the General Assembly of States Parties (CONF 014)
Year: 1976