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By Year
The Bureau decided to recommend that this site be entered on the two lists provided that the Committee agreed with a special procedure for the emergency inscription of properties on the World Heritage List. The Bureau decided that the technical cooperation request should be examined after the Committee had taken decisions on the above mentioned matters.
Session: 3rd session of the Bureau (CONF 015)
Year: 1979
Sites: Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor
State Parties: Montenegro
The Bureau noted that the Secretariat had received a request for $60,000 for technical co-operation for Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal. However, this request had been received after the deadline and had not been fully processed. The Bureau consequently decided to examine it at a later session.
Session: 3rd session of the Bureau (CONF 015)
Year: 1979
Sites: Sagarmatha National Park
State Parties: Nepal
After examining the request, the Bureau decided to grant to Ecuador funds amounting to $12,000 in connection with the organization of a ten-day seminar in the Galapagos for national park personnel.
Session: 3rd session of the Bureau (CONF 015)
Year: 1979
Sites: Galápagos Islands