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World Heritage

6 - Policies Regarding COMMUNITIES

6.4 - Indigenous peoples

Policy for the Integration of a Sustainable Development Perspective Into the Processes of the World Heritage Convention

21. “(…) The World Heritage Committee specifically encourages the effective and equitable involvement and participation of indigenous peoples and local communities in decision-making, monitoring and evaluation of World Heritage properties and the respect of indigenous peoples’ rights in nominating, managing and reporting on World Heritage properties in their own territories. Recognising rights and fully involving indigenous peoples and local communities, in line with international standards is at the heart of sustainable development”.

22. “(...) States parties should:

i. Develop relevant standards, guidance and operational mechanisms for indigenous peoples and local community involvement in World Heritage processes;

ii. Ensure adequate consultations, the free, prior and informed consent and equitable and effective participation of indigenous peoples where World Heritage nomination, management and policy measures affect their territories, lands, resources and ways of life;

iii. Actively promote indigenous and local initiatives to develop equitable governance arrangements, collaborative management systems and, when appropriate, redress mechanisms;

iv. Support appropriate activities contributing to the building of a sense of shared responsibility for heritage among indigenous people and local communities, by recognizing both universal and local values within management systems for World Heritage properties”.