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Biennial Report 2008-2009

Biennial Report 2008-2009 (01/03/2012) | Image Source: https://whc.unesco.org/document/139894
Extrabudgetary Support for UNESCO’S World Heritage Convention

The opportunities for the application of the World Heritage Convention regarding the identification and conservation of the world’s most outstanding cultural and natural areas are limitless. Every year, the World Heritage Committee identifies new activities it considers important to carry out. In many cases, it calls on the support of the international community to help to finance them.

The World Heritage Centre is fortunate in that there is strong support for the Convention among its States Parties. These provide an important part of the additional funding required to implement many of the most innovative and important activities under the World Heritage banner. We also recognize and appreciate the support provided by multilateral agencies, foundations, the private sector and non-governmental organizations.

This report highlights the crucial contributions made by these partners and we wish to thank them for the important role they play in implementing the World Heritage Convention.

Kishore Rao
Director, UNESCO World Heritage Centre