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World Heritage Fund Consultation Survey 2017

Voluntary annual fee by the properties inscribed
on the World Heritage List

At its 40th session (Istanbul/UNESCO, 2016), the World Heritage Committee decided “to initiate a consultation process on annual fee for World Heritage listed properties on a voluntary basis by requesting the Secretariat to send out a survey to States Parties, in order to verify from their local administrations in charge of management of inscribed sites of the possibility of paying an annual fee to the World Heritage Fund, depending on their financial autonomy and capacity to pay and report back to the Committee” (Decision 40 COM 15).

Results of the survey

Responses Results Charts

Responded to the survey (States Parties)

Question Results Charts

Question 1: For how many properties in your country have you noticed an increase in income/funding following their designation as “World Heritage”?

Question 2: For each of the World Heritage properties in the dropdown menu below, please provide an indication, further to the consultation with the site managers/local administrations, on their possibility or not to pay a voluntary annual fee to the World Heritage Fund.
Question 3: How do you think the voluntary contribution made by the World Heritage property(ies) in your State Party should be acknowledged?
Question 4: In case some of your local administrations have not been able to respond positively for reasons different from financial constraints, please indicate the nature of these reasons.
Question 5: Which format of consultation did you use to consult your local administrations?
Question 6: Beyond the answers you have already provided, do you have any comments or suggestions how to ensure the sustainability of the World Heritage Fund?
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