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Latin America and the Caribbean
Extra-budgetary Projects

A number of specific conservation projects within the Region have been undertaken mostly through funding provided by extra-budgetary resources. As reported in the 35th session (Paris – June 2011) and 36th session (Saint Petersburg – June & July 2012).

Calakmul Project

The “Sustainable Development Project of the Ancient Maya City and Protected Tropical Forests of Calakmul” in Mexico is a project financed by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) concerning the holistic approach  for cultural and natural heritage conservation, taking into account the cultural and social repercussions within the intervention.  

Since the inception of the project a series of workshops have been organized in Calakmul by the UNESCO Office in Mexico. The project will identify local actors and increase their opportunities for locals of development.  Please click on the link below for the report of the last meeting concerning the Calakmul project. 

Report on 2012 Calakmul Project development

Machu Picchu Project

This project is financed by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) concerning Technical support to assist the State Party in the elaboration of the Emergency Plan for the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu in Peru and to analyse the effectiveness of the current management plan in order to preserve, both its natural and cultural values.

Based on the priorities for action during the enhanced monitoring period, a preliminary Action Plan has been drafted for discussion with the Peruvian authorities. The Plan contains key principles that should be taken into account in its implementation, important tools that will facilitate the implementation of action and the specific components of the plan. On a preliminary basis, it has established the objectives, activities, expected outcomes and times that must be reviewed jointly with the State Party.

Report on 2012 Machu Picchu meeting/mission

Tiwanaku Project

The “Project for the preservation and conservation of Tiwanaku and the Akapana Pyramid” was launched at the beginning of 2009 and funded by the Japanese Funds-in-Trust (JFIT).

Since its official launching, several administrative and institutional difficulties have hindered its foreseen implementation. The 2009 and 2010 ICOMOS and WHC-UNESCO mission have assessed the current status of the property and the urgency of several studies for the updating of the restoration project.

In August 2012 the JFIT financed an expert meeting at Tiwanaku, in order to establish a new revised project document, including a new work-plan of activities and budget taking into consideration the guidelines and decisions of the UNESCO-World Heritage Committee. Please click on the link below for the report of the 2012 meeting concerning the Tiwanaku project. 

Report on 2012 Tiwanaku meeting
Management Plan 2015-2020