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Seminar on the cultural heritage inventories of Maghreb

This workshop is the outcome of a collaboration between the Regional and Monitoring Support Unit (RMSU) for the programme Euromed Heritage IV of the European Union (EU) and the France-UNESCO Cooperation Agreement. It dealt with inventories of cultural heritages in nine Mediterranean Partner countries of the EU (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Syria and Tunisia), with the addition of Libya and Mauritania.

Starting from the assumption that an inventory of heritage is a fundamental step in a conservation policy and a protective measure in itself, debates focused on updating inventories and adapting them to new methodologies and technologies. Heritage is considered in its wider aspects: movable goods, immovable properties, historic sites and cultural landscapes, intangible heritage, etc.

Workshop moderators were Dr Khairieh, Deputy Director, the Jordan National Museum, and Dr Frank Braemer, Director of Research at the CNRS-University of Nice.

Representatives from Heritage Departments of the countries mentioned above and international organisations specialised in cultural heritage (ICOM, ICOMOS), took part in the workshop. The discussion revolved around the following themes: the actual situation, data collection, formatting and accessibility, use of inventories as a reference tool, and definition of user groups. In conclusion, recommendations, useful to each participating country, have been formulated.

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Strategic objectives
  • Conservation
  • Capacity Building