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Saint Maximin (France)

St Maximin (south of Creil, Oise Region, France)

6-28 August 2008


St Maximin has several quarries partially in opened sky, stone extraction. Various animations are organized around this noble material. An international group of about 15 volunteers will take part in a work camp in this environment in order to contribute to a pedagogical former, "la tranchée".

The Volunteers will also make a free creation about this heritage (book, internet site, etc.) which is linked to World Heritage sites, by the way of the stone.

They will be motivated to think about the World Heritage and different subject which are linked to the intercultural values as for example the universal landscape.


1) To restore the heritage, the international volunteers will clean at feet of coalfaces in several places and realise arrangements i.e. shelters, beaconing of the discovery road, work plan for children... The environmental work will be led by Concordia's technical leader.

2) Reflexion Groups: Linking cultural heritage sites to the concept of the recognised World Heritage with the valorisation of any cultural heritage site as an important begining toward the understanding of the major importance World Heritage has in our culture.

2.1) Workshop: Introduction of Workd Heritage, the WH List and the Patrimonito project to the volunteers. The concept of outstanding value will be introduced as well as recognition of cultural landscapes, what "outstanding universal value" means... The discussion will be also on the actions of international solidarity realized by Concordia and his international partners to link the education action of the UNESCO.

The group will be lead to reflect and produce a document about cultural heritage and in particular about the industrial, ethnographic and evaluative landscape of the caves. The world heritage monuments built with the Saint Maximin's stone will also be included in the document.

2.2) Visits: organized visits after the workshop the main objectif of which is to provide a larger perspective about World Heritage to the volunteers.


- Contribute to the conservation and the promotion of an ethnological and changing landscape: the stone heritage in Saint Maximin.

- Increase the participant's knowledge of the real life of a small community, as well as the culture and customs of other volunteers, of the local, regional and national populations in an atmosphere of peace and raise awareness of on the concept of World Heritage and local cultural heritage.

- Involve of the local population and authorities in the project in order to exchange ideas and knowledge about world heritage and cultures where old inhabitants of the city will also be able to share their experience and knowledge with the volunteers.

Organisation responsible for the project

Concordia Picardie Nord Pas de Calais

Local partners

Conseil Régional de Picardie/ Conseil Général de l'Oise

National parners

Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports

Strategic objectives
  • Capacity Building
  • Communication