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Restoration of the Painted Crucifixion group in wood

Mid-sixteenth century painted Crucifixion group in wood, with the Virgin and St. John, from the Church of San Michele.

Following its long and painstaking restoration, the remarkable Crucifixion group financed by the America-Italy Society of Philadelphia and the Stichting Nederlands Venetië Comité, will return to a new, "healthier" site in the church in spring 2000.

A study of this and similar sculptures in Venice and the Veneto, prompted by the restoration, is to be published in 2000.

The Dutch Committee also took the first step towards consideration of a major project to restore the façade of the Church of San Zaccaria by commissioning a photogrammetric survey and chemical and physical analyses of the stonework, thereby enabling the Superintendency to produce detailed plans and costing for the proposed work.

Lead Organization / Sector / Office : America-Italy Society of Philadelphia and Stichting Nederlands Venetië Comité

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Date end: Sunday, 20 June 1999