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Sub-regional Teacher-training Workshop on WHE for the Arab States

AMMAN, Jordan
9-13 October, 1999

Event and Objectives

The workshop brought together experts and advisors in the field of education and World Heritage conservation so as to jointly discuss, on the basis of the World Heritage Educational Resource Kit for teachers, the future development of World Heritege Education.

Main objectives of the Workshop

  • To introduce the World heritage Educational Resource kit for teachers, to policy-makers, experts and advisors in the field of education and World heritage Conservation so as to reinforce World Heritage Education (WHE) in their countries
  • To develop guidelines for the conduct of national workshops on WHE
  • To develop guidelines for formulation of National Action Plans
  • To create new synergy among educators, teachers, curriculum developers, heritage experts and environmental specialists from local to global levels.


The participants of the workshop recommended:

At the National Level

Each participating country through its National Commission for UNESCO should designate a national committee from different disciplines whose responsibility will be

  • to develop plans and strategies guaranteeing the successful promotion of education for the conservation of World Heritage
  • to ensure the participation of all concerned ministries and civil sectors of society, including voluntary organizations and the private sector
  • To organize national workshops for Associated Schools Project (ASP) teachers, museum curators, site managers etc. on world heritage education and on the use of the Kit
  • To identify Associated Schools to take part in the experimentation of the Kit
  • To provide technical assistance to schools
  • To develop additional instructional materials to promote education for the conservation of World Heritage

Mass media

Participants agreed that the mass media could play a very effective role particularly the press, television and radio for raising the public awareness.

At the Regional Level

Organization of a series of regional and sub-regional workshops for the promotion of education for the conservation of World Heritage and for technical cooperation among the Arab member states and other countries in different regions.

Preparation and launching projects on the promotion of education for the conservation of World Heritage.

At the International Level

The participants recommended UNESCO that:

  • Provide necessary financial support to the Arab States trough allocations under extra-budgetary programs in order to ensure the enhancement of education for the conservation world education
  • Organize training courses regularly to train core team of multidisciplinary trainers to ensure the training trainers on world heritage education
  • Support National Commissions for UNECO for the consolidation of ASP
  • Assist the countries to nominate sites within their national territory for inclusion in the world heritage list
  • Organize international and regional activities on World Heritage Education
  • Ensure the safeguard of World Heritage sites from any attacks and aggressions in all over the world
  • Implement the 1972 Convention on the Protection of World Heritage by all the countries
  • Provide examples of sites damaged by war from all over the world and to not only concentrate on Hiroshima
  • Establish a network among the participating countries (Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq) for technical cooperation and exchange of information
  • Provide copies of the Kit for experimentation
  • Organize international competitions for the development of education for the conservation of World Heritage.


UNESCO Amman Office


29 participants from 7 countries; experts and advisors in the field of education and World Heritage

Countries represented

Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Yemen