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What Partners Do

Each partnership involving the private sector is a unique endeavour. First and foremost a partnership is an arrangement whereby all partners pool their competencies and commitments in a jointly managed venture where benefits and losses are equally shared. It combines the skills and expertise of the private sector with the World Heritage Convention's legitimacy and the Centre's knowledge of conservation issues. How do partners participate?

Conservation Activities

Development and implementation of projects

The World Heritage Centre cannot do the work that needs to be done to preserve these important World Heritage sites without the commitment of individuals and institutions, big and small, throughout the world.

In addition to sites on the List of World Heritage in Danger, World Heritage Programmes particularly in need of attention are: earthen architecture, forests, modern heritage, small island developing states, marine programme, sustainable tourism, World Heritage cities and education.

Mobilization of Resources

Sharing of know-how, expertise and technique

Expertise acquired is one of the main resources derived from partners. Common partnership activities include providing training, equipment and staff.

World Heritage Promotion

Heightening public awareness

In order to reach the largest public possible, partners relay the message about World Heritage values through promotion and greater visibility. Partnerships have vastly contributed to raising awareness about World Heritage - especially among young people - and to mobilizing resources for the conservation of Wolrd Heritage.

Partners participate in Special World Heritage events and press conferences, Information campaigns through television and oterh media, Production and distribution of publications, Supplying World Heritage imagery, World Heritage exhibitions

Financial Support

Contribution for the World Heritage Fund, Financing of activities, Fundraising

Partners can directly contribute to the World Heritage Fund to support UNESCO's action or help finance a project implemented by the World Heritage Centre.

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