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Europe and North America

Helsinki Action Plan
Monitoring Survey

The results of the first
Helsinki Action Plan Monitoring Survey
for Europe are now available.

Analysis of the overall results of the survey

You can download the full text of the survey questions here.

National Focal Points for Europe participated in the survey to track progress on projects and activities planned and/or underway towards advancing the priorities of the Helsinki Action Plan.

An analysis of the results of the survey will be examined by the World Heritage Committee at its 41st session (Krakow, 2-12 July 2017).

World Heritage in Europe Today

World Heritage attracts and fascinates: media around the world publish thousands of articles about it every year and countries invest a great deal of work and money to get sites inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Yet not enough is known about the conservation and management efforts that go into protecting the Outstanding Universal Value of the 1000+ sites that are currently on the World Heritage List.

World Heritage in Europe Today, a UNESCO publication, brings together the experience, challenges and success stories of the thousands of people who are directly involved with World Heritage in Europe - a region which accounts for close to half of the World Heritage List.

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Share your World Heritage story
with the rest of the World!

#OurWorldHeritage is a social media campaign where people are invited to share their unique World Heritage stories and experiences with our global community. Whether they are close to home or oceans away, World Heritage properties fill us with wonder and tell incredible stories of cultural and natural diversity on our planet. 

Share a photograph of yourself at a UNESCO World Heritage site and tell us why you enjoyed that experience for a chance to win a prize! Follow UNESCO’s Instagram to participate and to know more about this competition.


 Top entries will have a chance to win a prize.
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Periodic Reporting

Every six years, all States Parties to the World Heritage Convention are invited to carry out a Periodic Reporting exercise concerning World Heritage on their territory. The Second Cycle, which was completed in 2012-2015 for the Europe and North America region, allowed the respondents to provide a self-assessment on the implementation of the World Heritage Convention at national and local levels and facilitated the update of information about the properties, recoding any evolution of their state of conservation.

Second Cycle Reports

Periodic Reporting Second Cycle Reports

© German Commission for UNESCO / Kolja Matzke

At its 39th session in July 2015, the World Heritage Committee adopted the Second Cycle Periodic Report for Europe, one year after adopting the Second Cycle Periodic Report for North America.

These detailed reports summarise the core outcomes of the Second Cycle of Periodic Reporting in the region and provide a unique insight into the state of conservation or properties across the region.

Action Plans

For Europe and for North America

© Our Place / Amos Chapple / Mill Network at Kinderdijk-Elshout

Action Plan
for Europe

The Action Plan for Europe was developed jointly by the Focal Points of the Europe region, independent heritage experts, the World Heritage Centre and the Advisory Bodies. 

This innovative Action Plan is presented as a framework. Rather than focus exclusively on region-wide priority needs, it also allows the users to set sub-regional priorities among the actions identified by the Focal Points themselves.

Action Plan for Europe

Action Plan
for North America

Following the adoption of the Periodic Report for North America, and in accordance with Decision 38 COM 10A, the States Parties of Canada and the United States of America have submitted an Action Plan for North America.

This Action Plan is structured to speak to the Strategic Objectives of the Convention (also known as the 5Cs) and is structured around 5 Result Areas with an implementation timeframe of 5 years.

Action Plan for North America


A Follow-Up Survey

The World Heritage Committee endorsed the World Heritage Centre’s proposal to ensure a follow-up process for the Action Plan in form of a short biennial survey.

This survey would allow each State Party to

  • Select which actions have been deemed of high priority
  • And give, for those actions only, quantifiable information on the progress accomplished in the past two years.




Experiences of Periodic Reporting exercise
in the Europe region

© Christophe Graz

World Heritage National Focal Points and Site Managers play a very important role in the Periodic Reporting exercise process. They are the ones who best know the situation, challenges, opportunities and difficulties related to the management, protection, conservation and development of the World Heritage properties for which they are responsible.
Views and Opinions
 As the Second Cycle of the Periodic Reporting is now closed, the World Heritage Centre has collected feedback from some Focal Points and heritage experts to give their views and opinions on the exercise.

 This platform was made possible with the kind support of
Principality of Andorra

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Decisions (21)
Show 40COM 10B.5 Follow-up to the Second Cycle of the Periodic Reporting Exercise for the Europe and North America region
Show 39COM 10A.1 Final Report on the Results of the Second Cycle of the Periodic Reporting Exercise for the Europe Region and Action Plan
Show 39COM 10A.2 Progress Report for the North America Region
Show 38COM 10A.1 Final report on the results of the second cycle of the Periodic Reporting exercise for North America and Progress report for the Europe and North America region
Show 38COM 8E Adoption of Retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value
Show 38COM 10A.2 Final report on the results of the second cycle of the Periodic Reporting exercise for North America and Progress report for the Europe and North America region
Show 37COM 10B Progress report on the second cycle of the Periodic Reporting exercise for Europe and North America
Show 36COM 10B Progress Report on the follow-up of the First Cycle and preparation of the Second Cycle of the Periodic Reporting exercise for Europe and North America
Show 35COM 10C.2 Progress Report on Periodic Reporting in the Europe and North America region
Show 34COM 10B.3 Progress Report on Periodic Reporting in Europe and North America