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Expert Meeting on 'Evaluation of general Principles and Criteria for Nomination of natural World Heritage Sites', Parc national de la Vanoise, France, March 22-24, 1996
The expert meeting on "Evaluation of general principles and criteria for nominations of natural World Heritage sites" was held from 22 to 24 March 1996 at the Parc National de la Vanoise (France) at the kind invitation of the French Ministry for the Environment. Twenty experts representing natural and cultural heritage disciplines participated in their individual capacity (see List of ...
The scientific conception and preparation of the Harare meeting was set up by a scientificcommittee which met at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 9 June 1995.
The Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Associative Cultural Landscapes, New South Wales, Australie April 27-29, 1995
Regional Thematic Study Meeting 'Asian Rice Culture and its Terraced Landscape', Manila, Philippines, 28 March - 4 April, 1995
Expert Meeting on Heritage Canals, Chaffey Lock, Canada, September 15-19,1994
A double objective motivated the meeting organized by ICOMOS within the framework of the studies requested by the world Heritage Committee : the analysis of the various indicative lists prepared by the European countries, which have been convoked on this occasion, to avoid propositions which muld be of a repetition nature, to elaborate , in so far as it would be possible, a doctment which ...
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