Tentative List

State Party: United States of America

Last Revision: 12/04/2017
19 properties

Big Bend National Park 12/04/2017 N
Brooklyn Bridge 12/04/2017 C
California Current Conservation Complex 12/04/2017 N
Central Park 12/04/2017 C
Civil Rights Movement Sites 30/01/2008 C
Dayton Aviation Sites 30/01/2008 C
Early Chicago Skyscrapers 12/04/2017 C
Ellis Island 12/04/2017 C
Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks 30/01/2008 C
Marianas Trench Marine National Monument 12/04/2017 N
Marine Protected Areas of American Samoa 12/04/2017 N
Moravian Church Settlements 12/04/2017 C
Mount Vernon 30/01/2008 C
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge 30/01/2008 N
Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument 12/04/2017 N
Petrified Forest National Park 30/01/2008 N
Serpent Mound 30/01/2008 C
Thomas Jefferson Buildings 30/01/2008 C
White Sands National Monument 30/01/2008 N


N: Natural
C: Cultural
CN: Mixed