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Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe - extension 30/01/2019 N
Sites of Great Moravia: Slavonic Fortified Settlement at Mikulčice – Church of St. Margaret at Kopčany 30/01/2007 C
The Memorial of Chatam Sófer 12/06/2002 C
Limes Romanus - The Roman antique monuments on the Middle Danube 12/06/2002 C
System of Fortifications at the Confluence of the Rivers Danube and Váh in Komárno - Komárom 12/06/2002 C
The concept of the lenticular historical town core of Košice City 12/06/2002 C
Natural Reserves of Tatras Mountain 12/06/2002 N
Karst Valleys of Slovakia 12/06/2002 N
Natural and Cultural Landscape of Danube Region 12/06/2002 CN
Fungal Flora of Bukovské Hills 12/06/2002 N
Geyser in Herlany 12/06/2002 N
Original Meadow - Pasture Sites of Slovakia 11/02/2002 C
Tokaj Wine Region 06/02/2002 C
Gemer and Abov churches with the medieval wall paintings 01/10/1995 C


N : naturel
C : culturel
CN : mixte