Tentative List

State Party: Finland

Last Revision: 28/01/2004
6 properties

Paimio Hospital (formerly Paimio Sanatorium) 28/01/2004 C
Saimaa-Pielinen Lake System 28/01/2004 N
The Carvings from historic time at the island of Gaddtarmen (Hauensuoli) 01/10/1990 C
The Holy place of worship of Ukonsaari by the Sami people at Inari 01/10/1990 C
The large Stone Age ruin of Kastelli at Pattijoki 01/10/1990 C
The Rock paintings of Astuvansalmi at Ristiina 01/10/1990 C


N: Natural
C: Cultural
CN: Mixed