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Credibility of the World Heritage List
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50. The report of the Secretariat was presented and the voluntary work of the Bulgarian Delegate (study on the Mediaeval sites in the Balkans) and of the two experts seconded by the Greek Ministry of Culture for one month (three studies made available to the Committee). These three studies, on the Graeco-Hellenistic and correlated cultures, the Roman and correlated cultures and the Byzantine and correlated cultures were based on an examination of sites already listed, those on tentative lists and with the addition of sites proposed by the experts to fill gaps. In the case of Roman ...
Session: 14th session of the World Heritage Committee (CONF 004)
Year: 1990
Equitable representation of different regions and cultures of the world 58. The Committee considered the document on Equitable Representation (CC-90/CONF.004/INF.4). The Secretariat noted that it had followed this question closely over years and that it was difficult to make any more suggestions since ultimately this was a decision for the Committee.  59. In respect of paragraph 5(iii), the Secretariat emphasized that it could be difficult for States to indicate at the time of their candidature the names of experts who would represent them for the duration of their term of office. ...
Session: 14th session of the World Heritage Committee (CONF 004)
Year: 1990