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Credibility of the World Heritage List
By Year
11. While examining agenda item 4, the Committee took note of the conclusions of the 7th General Assembly of States Parties to the Convention on this question. The Committee welcomed the content of the resolution adopted by the General Assembly which reflected its wish to ensure both a better turnover of Committee members and equitable representation of the different regions and cultures of the world. 12. In accordance with the conclusions of the Bureau at its 13th session and taking account of the above-mentioned resolution, the Committee decided to allocate under the 1990 budget a sum ...
Session: 13th session of the World Heritage Committee (CONF 004)
Year: 1989
40. The Committee welcomed the proposals of ICOMOS and the Secretariat concerning the global study. In presenting his proposal, the representative of ICOMOS emphasized in particular the need to highlight the changes which had occurred in the world and in approaches to culture in the last twenty years. New tendencies were appearing, especially as concerns the relationships of man to his environment, and new themes were emerging such as anthropised landscapes or vernacular architecture. It was noted that the proposals made by the Secretariat should also be taken into account in elaborating ...
Session: 13th session of the World Heritage Committee (CONF 004)
Year: 1989