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Credibility of the World Heritage List
By Year
31. Given the high number of nominations and the problems that this situation might cause for their evaluation and the smooth running of the work of the Committee, the Bureau had wished that the Committee examine whether it was suitable - and in which manner - to eventually envisage a limitation to the number of nominations in the future. The Committee also expressed its concern that the examination of nominations had taken up most of the time available at the expense of the other items on the agenda, particularly financial matters. 32. Several members of the Committee considered that it ...
Session: 11th session of the World Heritage Committee (CONF 005)
Year: 1987
42. The representative of Algeria noted that the present composition of the World Heritage Committee was somewhat imbalanced in terms of geographical representation, with a particular lack of representation of African States Parties. This meant that there was a resulting imbalance in the representation of cultural regions. The Algerian representative suggested that the Bureau and the Committee should re-examine the voting procedure for the General Assembly of States Parties. 43. The Committee agreed that there was a need to ensure an equitable representation of the different regions and ...
Session: 11th session of the World Heritage Committee (CONF 005)
Year: 1987