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13. Under item 8 of its agenda, the General Assembly was called upon to elect seven Members to the World Heritage Committee, to replace the following seven Members whose mandate would expire at the end of the twenty-seventh session of the General Conference: Brazil, Cuba, France, Italy, Pakistan, Tunisia, United States of America. The list of the thirty-one States Parties having submitted their candidature was read to the Assembly. Upon the proposal of the Representative of Niger, seconded by numerous delegations, the General Assembly suspended its work to consult among groups with a view ...
Session: 9th session of the General Assembly of States Parties (CONF 003)
Year: 1993
Country: Brazil France Italy Japan Lebanon Niger United States of America
VII.9 The Committee discussed further the management and staffing of the World Heritage Centre after having taken note of the proposal prepared by the working group consisting of China, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Senegal, Thailand and the United States of America. Based on the conclusions of this working group, the Committee agreed on the importance of the World Heritage Centre as a unified body within the Secretariat of UNESCO. Furthermore, the Committee underlined that the determination of needs on staffing and funding levels can only be reached based on a clarification of the ...
Session: 17th session of the World Heritage Committee (CONF 002)
Year: 1993