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VIII.1 This item was discussed first by the Work Group 1, and then by the Committee on the basis of the proposals made by the Work Group. Some of its points were already raised, however, in the presentation by the Director-General's Special Adviser when presenting his recommendations on fund-raising and marketing (summarized in section XV of this report). VIII.2 Although the shortage of time did not allow a real debate on this item, a number of speakers in Work Group 1 referred to work Document WHC-94/CONF.003/5. The Delegate of Italy reiterated his Delegation's statement, previously ...
Session: 18th session of the World Heritage Committee (CONF 003)
Year: 1994
XVI.1 The Committee took note of document WHC-94/CONF­003/14 which reported on the deliberations of the eighteenth session of the Bureau with regard to a proposal for the modification of paragraphs 8 and 12 of Rule 13 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly. XVI.2 The Delegations of Italy and France presented the following proposal for an amendment to the Rules of Procedure: "The proposal of the Bureau to simplify the procedures of the election of the Committee is certainly to be supported. However, we believe that a shift from the absolute majority to a simple majority ...
Session: 18th session of the World Heritage Committee (CONF 003)
Year: 1994