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Human Evolution: Adaptations, Dispersals and Social Developments (HEADS) Human Evolution related properties represent a process of evolutionary accretion that took place over a vast period of time, offering vital ... Rock art 2018-02-22
Archaeology in the Caribbean - Martinique 2004 From the 20 to the 23 September 2004, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre organised an international seminar involving official representatives and ... Rock art 2018-02-22
Strategy for the preservation of rock art sites in Angola Angola Rock art is one of the most interesting types of remains for the study of ancient civilisations. It is a fragile and vulnerable form of heritage ... Rock art 2018-02-22
Technical and preparatory assistance for the inscription of iSimangaliso Wetland Park and ... iSimangaliso Wetland Park
Maloti-Drakensberg Park
South Africa
The rationale of this project was to provide technical assistance through an advisory mission for the development of management mechanisms and ... Rock art 2018-02-22
Rock Art Concerning Rock Art , for the purpose of the Thematic Programme, it is understood in the form of paintings and engravings as clear and ... Rock art 2015-11-26