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Published from February 1993 to November 2005
n°51 - November 2005
World Heritage Newsletter N°51

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin, Director of the World Heritage Centre Periodic Reporting Meetings Technical Agreement Reached for Aksum Stela Interview with the Chairperson Jet ...

n°50 - August 2005
World Heritage Newsletter N°50

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin, Director of the World Heritage Centre 29th Committee Meets in Durban List of World Heritage in Danger: Sites Inscribed, Sites Removed Twenty-four ...

n°49 - May 2005
World Heritage Newsletter N°49

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin, Director of the World Heritage Centre East Rennell at a Crossroads Towards an African World Heritage Fund Interview with the President of the ...

n°48 - April 2005
World Heritage Newsletter N°48

Editorial – Francesco Bandarin, Director of the World Heritage Centre The Tsunami Disaster and World Heritage Interview with the Ambassadors of the Russian Federation and ...

n°47 - December 2004
World Heritage Newsletter N°47

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Director of the World Heritage Centre Seventh Extraordinary Session of the Committee Interview with the Chairperson of the World Heritage ...

n°46 - September 2004
World Heritage Newsletter N°46

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin DRC of the Congo - Heritage in Danger Interviews at the Congo: Heritage in Danger Conference Pilot Project on World Heritage ...

n°45 - August 2004
World Heritage Newsletter N°45

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Director of the World Heritage Centre 28th Session of the World Heritage Committee Interview with Seema Paul of the United Nations ...

n°44 - April 2004
World Heritage Newsletter N°44

Editorial Francesco Bandarin International Tourism Fair Two New Conservation Projects Natchitoches Declaration on Heritage Landscapes Modern Heritage in Africa World ...

n°43 - January 2004
World Heritage Newsletter N°43

Editorial Francesco Bandarin Spanish Funds in Trust Interview with the Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman World Heritage Papers SeriesAfrican Cities and World Heritage World ...

n°42 - November 2003
World Heritage Newsletter N°42

Editorial Francesco Bandarin Highlights from the 14th General Assembly Interview with the Chairperson Camino Principal Andino Promoting and Preserving Congolese Heritage: ...

n°41 - September 2003
World Heritage Newsletter N°41

Editorial Francesco Bandarin World Heritage at the Vth IUCN World Parks Congress The European Space Agency Assists World Heritage Conservation Rhodes Youth Forum In ...

n°40 - June 2003
World Heritage Newsletter N°40

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin The 27th session of the World Heritage Comittee Interview with the Chairperson USA, UNESCO and World Heritage Looting of Iraq’s ...

n°39 - April 2003
World Heritage Newsletter N°39

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin The 6th Extraordinary Session of the Committee Interview with the Argentine Ambassador to UNESCO Tourism and World Heritage; Modern Heritage ...

n°38 - February 2003
World Heritage Newsletter N°38

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Co-operation Agreement with Belgian Government Dam in Iraq Interview with Indian Ambassador Interview with South African Ambassador ...

n°37 - November 2002
World Heritage Newsletter N°37

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin World Heritage 2002: Shared Legacy, Common Responsibility For Your Information What Are They Doing? Calendar SPECIAL INSERT: Nine ...

n°36 - August 2002
World Heritage Newsletter N°36

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Sustainable Development and World Heritage Interview with the Chairperson of the World Heritage Committee Successful Seminar in Argentina ...

n°35 - May 2002
World Heritage Newsletter N°35

The Budapest Declaration Budapest Committee Meeting New World Heritage Sites Rehabilitating Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage Ecotourism Summit World Heritage In Danger ...

n°34 - March 2002
World Heritage Newsletter N°34

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Islamic Cairo Takes Centre Stage Interview with the United Kingdom Permanent Delegate to UNESCO France-UNESCO Eco-tourism and World ...

n°33 - December 2001
World Heritage Newsletter N°33

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin People and Issues at the 25th Session of the Committee Interview with the Chair of the World Heritage Committee Democratic Republic of the ...

n°32 - October 2001
World Heritage Newsletter N°32

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Managing Information AFRICA 2009: An Interview with Joseph King, ICCROM Prehistoric Rock Art Sacred Mountains Desert Landscapes as Potential World ...

n°31 - July 2001
World Heritage Newsletter N°31

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin A Busy 25th Session Two Interviews: ICOMOS: A Look at the Convention IUCN: The Convention Thirty Years On WHIPCOE on Stage After Bamyan: ...

n°30 - May 2001
World Heritage Newsletter N°30

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Prevent Crimes Against Culture Interview with Peter King A New Partnership Conservation and Biodiversity Get Grants France-UNESCO Travels the ...

n°29 - November 2000
World Heritage Newsletter N°29

Editorial: "Reviewing the way we work" 61 new sites added to World Heritage List Pacific Youth Forum meets in Cairns Auschwitz World Heritage site Calendar

n°28 - September 2000
World Heritage Newsletter N°28

Special Session of World Heritage Bureau New Director for World Heritage Centre Events to be held during Committee session Potential natural heritage sites in the Alpine ...

n°27 - May 2000
World Heritage Newsletter N°27

Editorial: "Improving the Tools of Our Trade" Making the Operational Guidelines "user-friendly" Task Force highlights outreach, natural heritage networking, education and training ...

n°26 - March 2000
World Heritage Newsletter N°26

Knowledge is the key Strengthening World Heritage Education Experts reflect on cultural landscapes LEAP Online; Natural heritage in the Caribbean Seasalt works project at El ...

n°25 - January 2000
World Heritage Newsletter N°25

Beyond the numbers Record number of new sites The 11 natural properties The 2 mixed, natural and cultural properties THe 35 cultural proporties Calendar

n°24 - November 1999
World Heritage Newsletter N°24

Network and Networking Conference on networking and mediation WHIN: Creating synergies First Arab States Youth Forum Culturage Heritage in danger: Hampi World Heritage ...

n°23 - September 1999
World Heritage Newsletter N°23

Breaking the silence: sites of memory Remembering the transatlantic slave trade Auschwitz-Birkenau: Area of living memory Immovable cultural heritage AFRICA 2009 Cultural ...

n°22 - July 1999
World Heritage Newsletter N°22

When World Heritage values are in danger Bureau debates issues of public concern Commitee seeks solution to controversy over uranium mining Ensuring a representative Word ...

n°21 - May 1999
World Heritage Newsletter N°21

World Heritage and young people: a two-day street Interview with the Director of the World Heritage Centre Guidelines on cultural landscapes to be prepared World heritage in ...

n°20 - March 1999
World Heritage Newsletter N°20

Maintening the "universal" character of World Heritage sites Uranium mining: a threat to World Heritage values Nara Seminar on Urban Heritage and Development The Convention as ...

n°19 - April 1998
World Heritage Newsletter N°19

World Heritage and Development Heritage Legislation in Pakistan Chinese And European Mayors Co-Operate In The Preservation And Development Of Historic Cities Suzhou Declaration ...

n°15 - January 1998
World Heritage Newsletter N°15

News from the World Heritage Committee Meeting New World Heritage properties Calendar

n°14 - June 1997
World Heritage Newsletter N°14

Regional Networks and Communication in World Heritage Conservation First Natural World Heritage Workshop in South Asia Central American Site Managers Meet in Copan, ...

n°13 - January 1997
World Heritage Newsletter N°13

News from the World Heritage Committe Meeting New World Heritage properties Advisory Body: IUCN Calendar

n°12 - October 1996
World Heritage Newsletter N°12

An Open Letter to the World Heritage Community Electronic Mailing List, WHNEWS@unesco.org Nordic World Heritage Network meets in Stockholm Managing the Rock Carvings in Tanum ...

n°11 - June 1996
World Heritage Newsletter N°11

Editorial World Heritage and Local Democracy Global strategy: The Harare Meeting World Heritage and the Republic of Armenia New prospects for training strategy for Africa ...

n°10 - March 1996
World Heritage Newsletter N°10

Editorial The 19th session of the WH Committee New inscriptions on the WH List Cultural landscapes: the Uluru-KatAtjuta Sites in danger throughout the world Education and ...

n°9 - December 1995
World Heritage Newsletter N°9

Editorial The 19th Session of the World Heritage Bureau Medinas: Selective safeguarding of traditional habitat? How natural are the World Heritage Natural Sites? Cultural ...

n°8 - June 1995
World Heritage Newsletter N°8

Editorial Two meetings on African heritage Nara document on authenticity Conservation of the Palaces of Abomey The Djenné Cultural Mission Global Strategy: canals and ...

n°7 - March 1995
World Heritage Newsletter N°7

Editorial The 18th session of the WH Committee New sites on the WH List Cistercian space as cultural landscape Natural and human-caused disasters Cultural sites in the ...

n°6 - December 1994
World Heritage Newsletter N°6

Editorial The 18th session of the World Heritage Bureau Ensuring a representative List: towards a global strategy Authenticity in the context of Japanese wooden architecture ...

n°5 - June 1994
World Heritage Newsletter N°5

Editorial Stone conservation in Greece ICOMOS and the World Heritage Carthage-Sidi Bou Saïd National Park World Heritage sites Monitoring: a management tool for integral ...

n°4 - March 1994
World Heritage Newsletter N°4

Editorial Many sites in danger around the world The newest sites on the WH list Improved monitoring of site conditions Promoting the Convention in 1994 Reconciling tourism ...

n°3 - December 1993
World Heritage Newsletter N°3

Editorial 17th Session of the World Heritage Bureau UNESCO Congress on the Conservation of Stone and Other Materials Norway and the WH Convention Fès welcomes WH Cities The ...

n°2 - June 1993
World Heritage Newsletter N°2

Editorial 17th session of the World Heritage Bureau Unesco action to safeguard Angkor World Heritage success stories: safeguarding cultural properties A plan to safeguard ...

n°1 - February 1993
World Heritage Newsletter N°1

Editorial World Heritage Convention XXth Anniversary Celebrations Extracts from speeches by Mr. Federico Mayor, Director-General of UNESCO Opening of the 16th Session of ...