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Published from February 1993 to November 2005

November 2005
World Heritage Newsletter N°51

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin, Director of the World Heritage Centre Periodic Reporting Meetings Technical Agreement Reached for Aksum Stela Interview with the Chairperson Jet Tours Operating for World Heritage World Cultural Heritage in the ...

August 2005
World Heritage Newsletter N°50

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin, Director of the World Heritage Centre 29th Committee Meets in Durban List of World Heritage in Danger: Sites Inscribed, Sites Removed Twenty-four New Sites Added to World Heritage List

May 2005
World Heritage Newsletter N°49

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin, Director of the World Heritage Centre East Rennell at a Crossroads Towards an African World Heritage Fund Interview with the President of the UNESCO, General Conference Durmitor – A Success Story Outstanding ...

April 2005
World Heritage Newsletter N°48

Editorial – Francesco Bandarin, Director of the World Heritage Centre The Tsunami Disaster and World Heritage Interview with the Ambassadors of the Russian Federation and Lithuania Revised Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of ...

December 2004
World Heritage Newsletter N°47

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Director of the World Heritage Centre Seventh Extraordinary Session of the Committee Interview with the Chairperson of the World Heritage Committee Regional Meeting on Modern Heritage – North ...

September 2004
World Heritage Newsletter N°46

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin DRC of the Congo - Heritage in Danger Interviews at the Congo: Heritage in Danger Conference Pilot Project on World Heritage BiodiversityConservation in China Latin America and the Caribbean: 2004 Periodic ...

August 2004
World Heritage Newsletter N°45

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Director of the World Heritage Centre 28th Session of the World Heritage Committee Interview with Seema Paul of the United Nations Foundation Mission to the Volcanoes of Kamchatka List of World Heritage in Danger: ...

April 2004
World Heritage Newsletter N°44

Editorial Francesco Bandarin International Tourism Fair Two New Conservation Projects Natchitoches Declaration on Heritage Landscapes Modern Heritage in Africa World Bank and World Heritage World Heritage in Danger For Your ...

January 2004
World Heritage Newsletter N°43

Editorial Francesco Bandarin Spanish Funds in Trust Interview with the Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman World Heritage Papers SeriesAfrican Cities and World Heritage World Heritage In Danger For Your Information What Are They ...

November 2003
World Heritage Newsletter N°42

Editorial Francesco Bandarin Highlights from the 14th General Assembly Interview with the Chairperson Camino Principal Andino Promoting and Preserving Congolese Heritage: Linking Biological and Cultural Diversity Archaeo-Astronomical Sites and ...

September 2003
World Heritage Newsletter N°41

Editorial Francesco Bandarin World Heritage at the Vth IUCN World Parks Congress The European Space Agency Assists World Heritage Conservation Rhodes Youth Forum In Memoriam: Peter Laws List of World Heritage in Danger:Sites Inscribed, ...

June 2003
World Heritage Newsletter N°40

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin The 27th session of the World Heritage Comittee Interview with the Chairperson USA, UNESCO and World Heritage Looting of Iraq’s National Treasures Cultural Heritage in Iraq For Your Information ...

April 2003
World Heritage Newsletter N°39

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin The 6th Extraordinary Session of the Committee Interview with the Argentine Ambassador to UNESCO Tourism and World Heritage; Modern Heritage in Asia World Heritage in Young Hands The Nordic World Heritage ...

February 2003
World Heritage Newsletter N°38

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Co-operation Agreement with Belgian Government Dam in Iraq Interview with Indian Ambassador Interview with South African Ambassador Periodic Reporting in Asia and the Pacific The 5th IUCN World Parks ...

November 2002
World Heritage Newsletter N°37

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin World Heritage 2002: Shared Legacy, Common Responsibility For Your Information What Are They Doing? Calendar SPECIAL INSERT: Nine Workshops for New Partnerships; World Heritage in the Digital Age

August 2002
World Heritage Newsletter N°36

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Sustainable Development and World Heritage Interview with the Chairperson of the World Heritage Committee Successful Seminar in Argentina United Nations Foundation Continues Support to World Heritage ...

May 2002
World Heritage Newsletter N°35

The Budapest Declaration Budapest Committee Meeting New World Heritage Sites Rehabilitating Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage Ecotourism Summit World Heritage In Danger For Your Information What Are They Doing? Calendar

March 2002
World Heritage Newsletter N°34

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Islamic Cairo Takes Centre Stage Interview with the United Kingdom Permanent Delegate to UNESCO France-UNESCO Eco-tourism and World Heritage World Heritage 2002: Shared Legacy, Common Responsibility ...

December 2001
World Heritage Newsletter N°33

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin People and Issues at the 25th Session of the Committee Interview with the Chair of the World Heritage Committee Democratic Republic of the Congo: Armed Conflict and Biodiversity A Study of the Lists In ...

October 2001
World Heritage Newsletter N°32

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Managing Information AFRICA 2009: An Interview with Joseph King, ICCROM Prehistoric Rock Art Sacred Mountains Desert Landscapes as Potential World Heritage Sites Two New Publications World Heritage in Danger For ...

July 2001
World Heritage Newsletter N°31

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin A Busy 25th Session Two Interviews: ICOMOS: A Look at the Convention IUCN: The Convention Thirty Years On WHIPCOE on Stage After Bamyan: Strengthening the Instruments of Protection Road at Iguaçu ...

May 2001
World Heritage Newsletter N°30

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Prevent Crimes Against Culture Interview with Peter King A New Partnership Conservation and Biodiversity Get Grants France-UNESCO Travels the World World Heritage in Danger Modern Heritage For Your ...

November 2000
World Heritage Newsletter N°29

Editorial: "Reviewing the way we work" 61 new sites added to World Heritage List Pacific Youth Forum meets in Cairns Auschwitz World Heritage site Calendar

September 2000
World Heritage Newsletter N°28

Special Session of World Heritage Bureau New Director for World Heritage Centre Events to be held during Committee session Potential natural heritage sites in the Alpine region Preliminary evaluation gives high marks to kit Cultural landscapes in ...

May 2000
World Heritage Newsletter N°27

Editorial: "Improving the Tools of Our Trade" Making the Operational Guidelines "user-friendly" Task Force highlights outreach, natural heritage networking, education and training World Heritage Review goes bi-monthly Authenticity and Integrity ...

March 2000
World Heritage Newsletter N°26

Knowledge is the key Strengthening World Heritage Education Experts reflect on cultural landscapes LEAP Online; Natural heritage in the Caribbean Seasalt works project at El Vizcaino halted Arab States: pilot for new-format periodic reports

January 2000
World Heritage Newsletter N°25

Beyond the numbers Record number of new sites The 11 natural properties The 2 mixed, natural and cultural properties THe 35 cultural proporties Calendar

November 1999
World Heritage Newsletter N°24

Network and Networking Conference on networking and mediation WHIN: Creating synergies First Arab States Youth Forum Culturage Heritage in danger: Hampi World Heritage conservation in the pacific

September 1999
World Heritage Newsletter N°23

Breaking the silence: sites of memory Remembering the transatlantic slave trade Auschwitz-Birkenau: Area of living memory Immovable cultural heritage AFRICA 2009 Cultural landscapes in eastern Europe

July 1999
World Heritage Newsletter N°22

When World Heritage values are in danger Bureau debates issues of public concern Commitee seeks solution to controversy over uranium mining Ensuring a representative Word Heritage List Strenghtening ties between heritage research and education

May 1999
World Heritage Newsletter N°21

World Heritage and young people: a two-day street Interview with the Director of the World Heritage Centre Guidelines on cultural landscapes to be prepared World heritage in hands and hearts of young people Experts meeting on African cultural ...

March 1999
World Heritage Newsletter N°20

Maintening the "universal" character of World Heritage sites Uranium mining: a threat to World Heritage values Nara Seminar on Urban Heritage and Development The Convention as an instrument for conserving the biodiversty of tropical forests

April 1998
World Heritage Newsletter N°19

World Heritage and Development Heritage Legislation in Pakistan Chinese And European Mayors Co-Operate In The Preservation And Development Of Historic Cities Suzhou Declaration Cultural and Natural heritage experts meet in Amsterdam Calendar

January 1998
World Heritage Newsletter N°15

News from the World Heritage Committee Meeting New World Heritage properties Calendar

June 1997
World Heritage Newsletter N°14

Regional Networks and Communication in World Heritage Conservation First Natural World Heritage Workshop in South Asia Central American Site Managers Meet in Copan, Honduras International World Heritage Photo Competition Advisory Body: ICCROM

January 1997
World Heritage Newsletter N°13

News from the World Heritage Committe Meeting New World Heritage properties Advisory Body: IUCN Calendar

October 1996
World Heritage Newsletter N°12

An Open Letter to the World Heritage Community Electronic Mailing List, WHNEWS@unesco.org Nordic World Heritage Network meets in Stockholm Managing the Rock Carvings in Tanum Report from the Field: Everglades National Park Two Anniversaries ...

June 1996
World Heritage Newsletter N°11

Editorial World Heritage and Local Democracy Global strategy: The Harare Meeting World Heritage and the Republic of Armenia New prospects for training strategy for Africa South of the Sahara The WH Convention in Latin America and the Caribbean ...

March 1996
World Heritage Newsletter N°10

Editorial The 19th session of the WH Committee New inscriptions on the WH List Cultural landscapes: the Uluru-KatAtjuta Sites in danger throughout the world Education and fostering awareness about heritage: the Naples Foundation 99 The WH ...

December 1995
World Heritage Newsletter N°9

Editorial The 19th Session of the World Heritage Bureau Medinas: Selective safeguarding of traditional habitat? How natural are the World Heritage Natural Sites? Cultural Sites in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Natural heritage training in the ...

June 1995
World Heritage Newsletter N°8

Editorial Two meetings on African heritage Nara document on authenticity Conservation of the Palaces of Abomey The Djenné Cultural Mission Global Strategy: canals and cultural routes Florence: two years of restoration Industrial heritage ...

March 1995
World Heritage Newsletter N°7

Editorial The 18th session of the WH Committee New sites on the WH List Cistercian space as cultural landscape Natural and human-caused disasters Cultural sites in the People's Republic of China The cultural heritage of East-Central Europe ...

December 1994
World Heritage Newsletter N°6

Editorial The 18th session of the World Heritage Bureau Ensuring a representative List: towards a global strategy Authenticity in the context of Japanese wooden architecture Protection of the architectural heritage of Viet Nam The promotion of ...

June 1994
World Heritage Newsletter N°5

Editorial Stone conservation in Greece ICOMOS and the World Heritage Carthage-Sidi Bou Saïd National Park World Heritage sites Monitoring: a management tool for integral conservation World Heritage in Lao PDR Authenticity and the WH ...

March 1994
World Heritage Newsletter N°4

Editorial Many sites in danger around the world The newest sites on the WH list Improved monitoring of site conditions Promoting the Convention in 1994 Reconciling tourism and natural heritage First meeting of the International Co-ordinating ...

December 1993
World Heritage Newsletter N°3

Editorial 17th Session of the World Heritage Bureau UNESCO Congress on the Conservation of Stone and Other Materials Norway and the WH Convention Fès welcomes WH Cities The Division of Ecological Sciences and the Convention The World ...

June 1993
World Heritage Newsletter N°2

Editorial 17th session of the World Heritage Bureau Unesco action to safeguard Angkor World Heritage success stories: safeguarding cultural properties A plan to safeguard Petra and its surroundings A network of World Heritage Cities ...

February 1993
World Heritage Newsletter N°1

Editorial World Heritage Convention XXth Anniversary Celebrations Extracts from speeches by Mr. Federico Mayor, Director-General of UNESCO Opening of the 16th Session of the Committee Site monitoring New adherents to the Convention ...