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Published from February 1993 to November 2005

April 2003
World Heritage Newsletter N°39

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin The 6th Extraordinary Session of the Committee Interview with the Argentine Ambassador to UNESCO Tourism and World Heritage; Modern Heritage in Asia World Heritage in Young Hands The Nordic World Heritage ...

February 2003
World Heritage Newsletter N°38

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Co-operation Agreement with Belgian Government Dam in Iraq Interview with Indian Ambassador Interview with South African Ambassador Periodic Reporting in Asia and the Pacific The 5th IUCN World Parks ...

November 2002
World Heritage Newsletter N°37

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin World Heritage 2002: Shared Legacy, Common Responsibility For Your Information What Are They Doing? Calendar SPECIAL INSERT: Nine Workshops for New Partnerships; World Heritage in the Digital Age

August 2002
World Heritage Newsletter N°36

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Sustainable Development and World Heritage Interview with the Chairperson of the World Heritage Committee Successful Seminar in Argentina United Nations Foundation Continues Support to World Heritage ...

May 2002
World Heritage Newsletter N°35

The Budapest Declaration Budapest Committee Meeting New World Heritage Sites Rehabilitating Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage Ecotourism Summit World Heritage In Danger For Your Information What Are They Doing? Calendar

March 2002
World Heritage Newsletter N°34

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Islamic Cairo Takes Centre Stage Interview with the United Kingdom Permanent Delegate to UNESCO France-UNESCO Eco-tourism and World Heritage World Heritage 2002: Shared Legacy, Common Responsibility ...

December 2001
World Heritage Newsletter N°33

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin People and Issues at the 25th Session of the Committee Interview with the Chair of the World Heritage Committee Democratic Republic of the Congo: Armed Conflict and Biodiversity A Study of the Lists In ...

October 2001
World Heritage Newsletter N°32

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Managing Information AFRICA 2009: An Interview with Joseph King, ICCROM Prehistoric Rock Art Sacred Mountains Desert Landscapes as Potential World Heritage Sites Two New Publications World Heritage in Danger For ...

July 2001
World Heritage Newsletter N°31

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin A Busy 25th Session Two Interviews: ICOMOS: A Look at the Convention IUCN: The Convention Thirty Years On WHIPCOE on Stage After Bamyan: Strengthening the Instruments of Protection Road at Iguaçu ...

May 2001
World Heritage Newsletter N°30

Editorial - Francesco Bandarin Prevent Crimes Against Culture Interview with Peter King A New Partnership Conservation and Biodiversity Get Grants France-UNESCO Travels the World World Heritage in Danger Modern Heritage For Your ...

November 2000
World Heritage Newsletter N°29

Editorial: "Reviewing the way we work" 61 new sites added to World Heritage List Pacific Youth Forum meets in Cairns Auschwitz World Heritage site Calendar

September 2000
World Heritage Newsletter N°28

Special Session of World Heritage Bureau New Director for World Heritage Centre Events to be held during Committee session Potential natural heritage sites in the Alpine region Preliminary evaluation gives high marks to kit Cultural landscapes in ...